What’s Going On

Much to do on Main Street

Main Street Maple Shade, Inc. was created to improve the appearance and enhance the quality of life for everyone who lives, works, shops or passin through Maple Shade, NJ. There is a lot to do on Main Street. We have beautiful shopping, trades, events, festivals, and delicious restaurants. Most importantly, you’re buying locally which strengthens your local economy. Here are the top ten reasons to buy locally!

  1. Strengthen the local economy
  2. Reduce impact of climate change.
  3. Support community groups.
  4. Keep your community unique.
  5. Create more good jobs.
  6. Get better service.
  7. Reduce allergies with local produce.
  8. Buy what you need, not the hype.
  9. Put your taxes to good use.
  10. Make your community a more fun place.

Keep your eye out for new businesses on Main Street. The old Patty Cleaners location is just hanging a sign announcing a Laundromat Cafe. Sounds like a coffee shop atmosphere with the added bonus of a laundromat.